About US

You’ve heard all the jokes —they’re the kind that tend to end in punchlines that involve headaches, ‘not-tonight-dears’ or sighs of obligation.


Sex and romance should be fun and exciting for you both!

From the moment we opened our doors, we were committed to creating an environment that was clean and tasteful, while being inspiring and inviting to couples searching for the freedom to explore their sensual sides. We know that one of the key ingredients to maintaining love and intimacy in your relationship is mutual care-taking. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the bedroom. You’re both at your most vulnerable, allowing you to create deeper emotional bonds with your partner.

Unlike typical adult shops, all of our lingerie is featured on mannequins, and our store and website are free of graphic, explicit or pornographic imagery. At Husband & Wife, our goal is to provide couples with a friendly, safe environment where they can explore endless ways to romance and enjoy one another.

We look forward to making new forms of romance and pleasure easily accessible to you and loved one, without compromising your values.. Explore your sensual sides without judgment, peruse our blog for a little love talk... and of course, relish the discovery of keeping your relationship spicy.

(Hint: it need not be a burden!)

Husband & Wife Staff

H & W Romance's Goal is to Provide high-quality products in a tasteful, friendly environment.