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Featuring a full textured sleeve and a clitoral attachment, this vibrating penis enhancer makes your erections harder and enhances your erotic moments. Its elastic dual rings lock around the shaft of your penis and the base of your testicles at the same time, constricting the blood flow for harder, longer-lasting erections. The textured sleeve reaches down to give you extra width, while a teasing stimulator sits in the perfect spot to please your partner’s clitoris. Ignite Ecstatic Couples Pleasure The BLUE FOX penis enhancer is a great toy for couples to enjoy together, as it intensifies pleasure for both partners. The fox-shaped clitoral-teaser hits your partner’s clitoris precisely every time you penetrate them, making both of you quake with pleasure. Hand the remote to your partner and let them control your titillation. With 12 powerful vibration functions, you’ll feel rumbling sensations across your hot zones, all while maintaining constant intimacy with your partner. Liven things up with the vibrating c-ring. Get ready to take your lovemaking to a whole new level! Wrapped in body-safe silicone, BLUE FOX ensures your health, safety, and joy during the erotic game with your partner. With its water-proof feature, all the joys of water play are unlocked for you. So hop into a hot tub, pool, or shower, and get wet in all the right ways!

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