Scent: Confidence 10 ml
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  • Pairing powerful pheromones with captivating fragrances, Eye of Love's mission is to give you a unique edge in all of you encounters. Whether you're working, playing, or being intimate we can all use an added advantage.
  • Pheromones send subconscious scent signals to other individuals and can trigger powerful social responses.
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free: Our pheromones are vegan and are derived from the wild yam root. With proven ingredientes; We use pure Estratetraenol, not a pheromone blend. The Most Effective Pheromones to attract women. All of our fragrance oils are imported from France and have attracting properties!
  • Effective and Long Lasting: Be more attractive, social, and successful. Get an added edge in your daily life! High concentration of pheromones and fragrance oil to last you all day long!
  • Smells Amazing: Arousing Fragrance Parfum. Spray the room, sheets, and your body. Sets the mood in the room, makes you feel more powerful in the office and confident in all social situations.

CONFIDENCE - Discover EOL Eye of Love Confidence Cologne, a sensual and woody men's fragrance that conjures the mood of an intense, yet effortless, seduction. The top and middle notes, musky blend of honey, are found and enriched with citrus elements to express themselves even more fresh, incisive and colorful. A new scent sensation unfolds in the base notes, thanks to the irresistible jasmine and the soft notes of vanilla infusion – an inspiring and seductive rich material, creating a profoundly intense and adventurous aromatic fragrance.

ROMANTIC - Romantic men's fragrance has impeccable cultivated masculinity, a strong, naturally magnetic personality that attracts and comes alive as night falls. For Romantic, Eye of Love, created a special blend of beachy lemongrass essence and fresh mint with smoky tones of sandalwood. A tension is created between fresh picked herbs and milky vanilla. A unique warm musk fragrance brings lightness and luminosity, evoking a seductive & masculine woody oriental scent.

REBEL - Rebel is more than just a scent, it's a statement. Be amazing gentleman, be a Rebel. Inspired by the defining image of the wild cowboy with all it implied about masculinity and personal freedom. This man is an icon so powerful that every man wanted to be him and every woman wanted to have him.

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