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By Lou Paget

How to Have Them, Give Them, and Keep Them Coming

Whether you are out to set your sheets on fire or you want to discover a deeper intimacy, Orgasms provides the inspiration and information you and your partner are looking for. Orgasms will pique your curiosity, whet your appetite, and widen your horizons, while helping you release your sexual potential.

Step-by-step instructions, with plenty of illustrations, explain all you want to know about having an orgasm and giving one. You’ll learn:

• Ten ways to have an orgasm
• How to have an orgasm when you want one, as often as you want one
• Exercises to increase your sensitivity
• How to practice and explore in private
• Tricks for enhancing orgasms with aphrodisiacs, sex toys, and more
• What might be getting in the way of your orgasms, including medications, diet, alcohol, and recreational drugs
• The Kama Lou-Tra: Lou’s own look at Tantric sex and the spiritual side of orgasms

Lou Paget, certified sex educator, shows how exploring the many different paths to pleasure can be much more satisfying. With proven techniques for overcoming obstacles, entertaining anecdotes from thousands of men and women, and clear, reliable instruction throughout, you are guaranteed to find ever more fun and exciting ways to achieve sublime satisfaction.

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