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Tenga Air Cushion Cup adopt an air cushion structure that does not use the elasticity of a sponge or urethane. This Tenga Air Cushion Cup utilizes air pressure that fills up the cushion chambers in between the sleeve and the plastic outer cup, mimicking the missionary sexual position fantasy. Instead of using sponge or urethane material to fill up space, the air chambers naturally apply even pressure around the inner sleeve, creating a sensational stimulation to the head and shaft of the penis, delivering your most intense orgasm ever! The four-fold tightening zones and combination of nubs to convert changes in air pressure squeeze the penis from all sides.

The Tenga Air Cushion Cup comes with an adjustable air hole for your desired tightness. The Tenga Air Cushion Cup is pre-lubed and ready to go, and while it's designed for one time use, you could certainly use a condom to keep things clean for multiple uses, or clean well by running warm water through and adding your choice of (water based) lube.

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