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Would you rather stare at your phones all evening or play this fun card game for couples? Liven up any date night with 250 “Would You Rather?” questions that suit you and your partner’s mood—from frisky and silly to adventurous and philosophical!

200 CARDS + 50 BONUS SPICY CARDS set the tone for a fun, interactive date night

ENJOY A DEEPER CONNECTION as you get to know your partner better through laughter and thoughtful conversations

WIDE RANGE OF QUESTIONS via these categories: Cute Couple Stuff, Keepin’ It Light, Thinking Cap Time, Out of This World, and bonus section It’s Getting Hot in Here—designed for minimal drama and maximum fun!

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE with four easy and different ways to play the game, ranging from lighthearted fun to, well . . . remember that spicy category we mentioned?

STURDY, SLEEK PACKAGING makes this a great game to pack on vacation or slip into your bag for an after-work date

AN IDEAL COUPLE’S GIFT for couples at any stage in their relationship, from the newly engaged and newlyweds to couples in their first year celebrating anniversaries and Valentine’s Day

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