3 Secrets to Developing Deep Intimacy & Connection With Your Spouse

Emotion and soul are at the heart of great lovemaking. For all its physical pleasure, one of the most beautiful things about sexual intimacy is that it can and should deepen the loving bond you and your partner share.

Yet what happens if you aren’t feeling a deep connection? Does that mean there’s something wrong with you? Nope. Don’t even go there. Let our quick, smart tips to more intimate love making be your guide in strengthening your marriage.

Tip #1: Communicate

Say his name. Let her know how good it feels to be a part of her. If you’re the non-vocal type, a squeeze of the hand or direct eye contact can go a long way in expressing what’s going through your mind.

Tip #2: Explore

If you found yourself disappointed on your wedding night, you aren’t alone. As helpful as they would be, our bodies do not come with a gift-wrapped GPS or instruction booklet.

Take the time to explore each other and genuinely learn where and how you like to be caressed. In order for sexual intimacy to be everything you hope it will be, understanding your bodies and what feels good to each of you is yet another special connection you’ll share. Even better, so long as you remain committed to maintaining a healthy, loving, and emotionally open relationship, the stronger this private and intimate connection will become.

Tip #3: Play

Exploration shouldn’t feel tedious, which is why a great way to approach sexual intimacy is to view it as adult playtime. This allows you the opportunity to explore, touch and experiment as your hearts desire.

Pleasure comes in many forms and you need not limit it to intercourse specifically. Take the time to note the sensations of the pads of his fingers or the way her lips graze your cheek. Climax is wonderful, but don’t make it the main goal.

By viewing sexual encounters as a time of connection and play, you deepen your bond with your spouse as you continue to share something unique and special.

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