Thank You: Two Words That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

It’s easy to love someone when things are new. It’s euphoric, magical and for better or worse, it’s also temporary. Eventually we have to go back to real life where bills must be paid, work may require the time we could devote to our partner and let’s face it —those things don’t make it easy to remain optimistic.

Wake up call.

A few messages I sent offering an updated on several business-related tasks drove the point home this morning. I thought back to a statement I made several months ago: I don’t want to wake up in six months and suddenly realize we’ve lost all intimate and emotional connection, and all we discuss is work. 

Yikes. Talk about a sobering thought!

Relationships thrive on positivity.

Does your guy know how much you appreciate him? Are you sure? Guys, same question goes for you: does she know how much you appreciate her?

I’m encouraging all of you to jot down a few things he does that genuinely make your day. Don’t just go through the motions… put some thought in to it and then give it to him.

Post-it note. Cards. A folded sheet of paper. A text message or e-mail —the method of delivery doesn’t matter. What’s important is to let him know he’s appreciated, valued and to express a few things that need to be said, rather than simply assumed.

Babe, I appreciate you...

  • Thank you for making time to connect with me throughout the day, whether via phone, text message or e-mail.
  • Thank you for making me laugh.
  • Thank you for understanding and accepting my quirks/fears... and most importantly, thank you for not running away (even when I almost certainly deserve it.)

It’s easy to criticize people for not living up to our expectations. It’s harder to look outside of our wants and realize that our partner already does so much for us… At least for me, this brought the realization that many of my needs are already being fulfilled.

Will you join my challenge? Additionally, we’d love it if you’d share a few of the things your partner does to make you feel loved. Connect with us on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

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