5 Tips To Relationship Success When Opposites Attract

Opposites attract, but can they stay together? What starts as mystery can quickly turn to irritation. The good news? It can also help you both to become well-rounded. 

Let’s be honest: it’s the differences that will often make or break a relationship if you let them. Don’t let differences become deal breakers by keeping these tips in mind.

Difference vs. Deal-breaker Tip 1: Honesty > Fighting.

As any ‘opposites’ couple knows, discussions can quickly become heated. While one party may be more likely to stay quiet to keep the peace, addressing small conflicts or clashes early often means you’re less likely to have a major fight later. Not surprising your feelings and creating an environment where your partner also feels safe to voice their own opinions means you accept differences in the moment. That’s much better than building future resentment, right?

Difference vs. Deal-breaker Tip 2: One is a lonely number.

It’s unrealistic to expect your partner to fulfill every need, whim or desire. More than that, you can be best friends without being joined at the hip 24/7. Good friends can offer emotional support and fulfillment, as well as a great time… never mind that you’ll be less likely to battle over your differences in the long term.

Difference vs. Deal-breaker Tip 3: Keep Your Sex Life Spicy.

When a relationship is good, sex is 10% of the relationship. When it’s bad, sex is 90% of the relationship. Sound familiar? Embrace your differences in life and in bed. Sure, missionary works, but mix it up a bit. Enjoy trying new things and further developing your emotional bond.

Difference vs. Deal-breaker Tip 4: Maximize Opportunities.

He despises writing, you’re navigating your latest novel. You’re a fashionista, he looks good but hates shopping. Whether it’s related to your relationship or a potential business partnership, realize that your respective strengths can make you wildly successful together.

Difference vs. Deal-breaker Tip 5: Pixel-perfect Perspective.

It’s not always easy, but being able to see the good in his Type A, highly scheduled life can benefit you both. Maybe you’re the one who drags him away from the office and gets him to take life a bit less seriously for a few hours. In turn, he helps you sharpen your focus in areas where you may be slipping. 

No doubt any ‘opposites’ relationship will have its ups and downs, but if you commit to looking at (and accepting!) the good and the bad that come with your differences, you’re less likely to experience the bumps from which you can’t bounce back.

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