6 Sexy Health Benefits to Make You Say Yes!

Say Yes to the Sex

The best sex advice I’ve ever received is to think of sex as the adult form of playtime. And it’s true —the best sex I’ve had has been playful, fun and believe it or not, full of flirtatious laughter. Even better, locking lips and loving means healthier living. Don’t believe me? Read on for just a few ways that getting busy benefits your health.

1. Sexcercise is the new Jazzercise.

While sex (tragically) can’t replace your turbo kickboxing class, it does use all 600+ muscles in the body. Certain positions definitely do more for toning your core, arms, etc… but if there’s a more enjoyable way to workout and burn calories, we’ve yet to find it!

2. Bye-bye to the Bad Mood.

Science has shown that our brains release a neurohypophysial hormone called oxytocin when we make love or have an orgasm. This hormone is partially responsible for bonding.

What you probably didn’t know is that beyond oxytocin, the elevation of mood and reduction in depression is attributed to a possible surprising source: semen. A recent study by SUNY controlled the length of a relationship, frequency of sexual activity, the time elapsed since the last sexual encounter, and the use of oral contraceptives showed that women who weren’t using condoms reported less depression and were overall happier than their condom-using counter parts.

Although the ‘Why?’ has yet to be answered definitively, the theory is that the female body absorbs her partner’s semen, which is jam packed with endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and prolactin —all mood-elevating chemicals (and reaps the benefits.) Nice!

3. Enjoy a natural immunity booster.

Echinacea, Theraflu and a glass of OJ are great, but don’t forget to add Sexy Time to the list. According to a study by Wilkes University, couples having sex one to two times a week had three times as much immunoglobulin A (aka a major antibody) in their systems, as opposed those having infrequent/no sex.

4. Effective anti-aging without the Kate Somerville price tag.

Post-coital glow is so not a myth. Your body releases endorphins and growth hormones, including DHEA, which all help to heal damage from the sun. According to one Scotland-based study participants who had sex every other day, tended to look dramatically younger than their chronological age —anywhere from 7-12 years! Sold.

5. Step toward a stress-free life.

Oxygenating the blood and getting your mind away from the negative stressors in your life has long-lasting benefits. Sex is all about living in that one moment and in this instance, surrendering your mind and body to your partner means less stress for you both.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly…

6. Increase your intimacy for a stronger relationship.

According to a study by the University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Carolina, those couples with regular loving contact experienced the highest levels of oxytocin. Yep, there’s that bonding hormone again. With all the repetition, don’t you think it’s about time to commit to a healthier lifestyle?

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